How Can a Copywriter Help?

By Teri Breier on Apr 11, 2011 at 10:02 AM in Marketing Buzz

Before I leave town this week for my 25 YEAR college reunion—yikes!!!—I wanted to leave you with an inspired tribute to the effect of a strong message on the world and the difference well-crafted copy can make in your marketing. The creator, Purplefeather, is my new favorite UK-based web content firm. (Really, purple? Feathers? Tear-jerker videos with awesome copy? I love these guys!)

What makes the second message so much more powerful?

• The words speak to your heart, not to your head, making an emotional connection with passersby.

• It evokes compassion and empathy for the man who cannot see the day's beauty. 

• Those who CAN enjoy life with all their senses may experience an upwelling of gratitude.

What does this video say to you? Please share your thoughts below!


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When it comes to the internet, I think copywriters are gold, they are the most integral component of anything one wants to do on the net
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