Teri Breier was the exclusive copywriter on our advertising campaign for a regional banking client. She is the best copywriter I have ever worked with and I would not think of using anyone else! Teri has the ability to see right to the heart of the matter, and was able to execute our thoughts and strategy verbally. She constantly delighted and surprised us with what she came up with.

Teri is able to quickly change gears when required. After a recent change in direction, she quickly hit her stride and is producing fabulous text that is right on message and will definitely help sell something. She is always able to grasp what we are doing marketing-wise and is an essential part of the team.

On the other hand, sometimes we give her very little to work with, and tell her that she is on her own. I think that is where she shines most brightly. We highly recommend her.

Kerry Rutkin
Corporate Motivators 
Costa Mesa, CA